Southern Hebrides Geosail 2024

Our Geosail of 2024 will start from Oban.  Geologist Angus Miller of Geowalks has a wish to explore the islands to the south and west of Oban. For those in the know, these voyages take us to the places that normal geology trips don’t reach!
There are many wonderful and eye-opening anchorages and coastlines to contemplate the megaannums it has taken to create them. We immerse outselves in this time travelling journey, get in close to the coast to view the geology of inaccessible places and marvel at the wonderful wildlife and culture of the southern Hebrides

We can’t plan the detailed itinerary in advance, but there is a myriad of possibilities with a range of geology ahead of us. This is the best place to get up close to a wonderful range of Dalradian metamorphic rocks in the slate islands south of Oban, along with Lunga, Scarba and the Garvellachs. If we fancy some younger geology, there is an interesting variety of igneous and sedimentary rocks along the wild south coast of Mull. Or we can follow the Great Glen Fault northwards into the mountainous terrain around Loch Linnhe.  We will meet in Oban at midday on Monday 8th April. Our Geosail ends in Oban on Friday 12th April at midday.


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Southern Hebrides Geosail Trip 2024

Voyage 24-SGS: April 8 to April 12, 2024 

Bunk Type Availability Price
Double Bunk (Aft) (2 people sharing/single occupancy) Available £1,920/£1,395
Double Bunk (Forward) (2 people sharing/single occupancy) Booked £1,920/£1,395
Single Bunk (Aft) Booked £1,195
Single Bunk (Lower) Booked £1,075

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