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Selkie is available for bespoke voyages for your family or groups of friends. Book a trip at a time that suits you to explore the beautiful coastline of Scotland’s islands and its lochs, anchoring in exquisite bays each night. Depending on your length of stay aboard, we can visit St Kilda, the Outer Hebrides, the Small Isles, Skye, Col and Tiree, or sail north to the Summer Isles and Shiants. 

The wild life we see is incredible, as are the vistas. It’s a special time spent together, sharing the experience. And everyone on the trip will enjoy delicious, home-cooked food, sourced locally.  

Bespoke Family and Group Holidays

Selkie is a family boat and skipper Celia Bull’s son, Dylan, now in his late teens, is an integral part of the team having lived on Selkie since turning three years old. We have together explored many nooks and crannies, beaches, castles and lighthouses of Scotland during our adventures. Each spring halfterm and summer we plan a few weeks where we set sail to seek out new places and old favourites on our summer adventures. And you and your family can join us! If you have dates in mind that you want for your holiday, use our Contact page to find out if these are available.  Even if I have dates scheduled, it maybe that these are still available for your very own bespoke family voyage. 

The Hebridean sea is fantastic area for responsible marine wildlife watching. We love swimming and jumping in from Selkie, fishing and onboard BBQs, which have to include marshmallow toasting! 

For more information or further clarification, please get in touch with Selkie Explorers using the methods listed on our Contact page. 

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