This year so far has been brilliant and illuminating, with barely time to catch my breath.  It feels only right and proper to announce here on my webpage that I am heading back North come the autumn.

My time in Norway during the winter blew me away, luckily not literally.  Sailing with such good friends in a staggering country combined with my time aboard Silurian skippering marine surveys during May inspired the project ahead.  I had my own Selkie Explorer Voyages to deliver (all fantastic experiences) and this week, with some time to ground at home on the croft, I have been able to concentrate on this new plan and  am deep in the process of planning the Norway return.

The project is to find the migrating whales as they follow the herring into the fjords of Norway.  Taking hydrophones, we will collect audio and visual data for research purposes.  Being the skipper of the boat, if I sound a little fuzzy on my description it is because I am a not the expert on the science… that will be down to the scientists joining Selkie.  Watch this space….

For my part, I have got the croft covered.  Selkie is booked into the boatyard at Stornoway for a 72 hour bearing spa in late September The family is going to join me for “reading week” at the end of October in Norway.  I will be making my way north in the meantime.  All aiming to meet up at the beginning of November with the whale recording gang. Exciting stuff….