The good news is that Selkie is almost ready for her first voyage of the season. She might not be looking as smart as I had wanted but that is because the weather has been atrocious and painting the deck when there is no substantial gap between rainshowers is a known waste of time.  Camille and I are deep cleaning Selkie and putting in place our practices for extra precautions.

The bad news is that on every mind… coronavirus. Every day the goal posts are changing, worldwide and nationally. Currently there are no travel restrictions in Scotland but everyone’s health is of the paramount importance. To this end, I am following the advice given by who are working closely with the Scottish government and keeping visitors and tourist businesses alike up to date with the situation.

As I write this, late Sunday night 15th March, I am continuing with my preparation for voyaging, therefore I know what I am doing on Monday 16th March. Can’t say fairer than that!