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I am delighted to be offering a whole new adventure to Selkie’s repertoire.  I have developed a wellness experience that interweaves sailing, mountains, wilderness, yoga and crofting.  It has been a long-term goal of mine to bring together all of these disciplines which have been a focus and passion for me in my adult life. With the final piece of the matrix in place, as yoga instructor and active crofter with decades of sailing and mountaineering experience exploring Earth’s beautiful and remote locations, I feel I have a lot to offer people wanting to step out of their busy lives to make their own connections to nature, the sea, islands, wildlife and community here in the Hebrides.

Our journey together will start in the Highland fishing port of Mallaig where you will board Selkie.  This expedition yacht will be our home for most of our time together.  You will develop your sailing skills and understanding of weather and conditions.  These decide where we anchor each night, choosing from among the plethora of sheltered bays in and around the Small Isles and Hebrides.  We will be taking our time to absorb the atmosphere and environment, realising opportunities to immerse in the cold waters of sea and lochs, climb hills, practice yoga and meditation aboard and onshore, enjoy paddle boards and inflatable kayak in a safe and supported environment. You will have the opportunity to journal your experience and to nurture connections within and without.  One night of our adventure we will set off for an overnight expedition with tents and yoga mats to camp under the stars and moon, if she is there. Experience dawn yoga, nighttime yoga, maybe a beach fire and always story telling. Our adventure retreat leads us ultimately to my croft on Eigg where the yoga yurt awaits for a final yoga practice. We will meet the sheep and either take them up the hill or bring them down, all part of the wellbeing of the flock from whose fleeces are created “Sgurr” our beautiful Shetland wool. You will have the opportunity to learn about crofting on the isle of Eigg and to help in the creation and nurturing of the croft’s new woodland. We return to Selkie for a final night aboard before you take the Calmac ferry back to Mallaig. 

These trips are a time for reflection as well as exploration and are full of laughter and friendship. I have been developing wellness and yoga voyages for seven years now and my experience is always one of enrichment and enlivenment both physically and emotionally from spending close and honest time. Each voyage is different and dependent on where the winds take us and what weather we experience. We have felted with wool from my Shetland sheep while sat at anchor during a storm, cocooned within the boat, making our own Selkie meditation stones which we then used in a Qigong practice. We have howled at the moon and swam in the lochs under a beating sun and the peaks of Skye Cuillin.  I have called this voyage a retreat to emphasis that the focus is on your wellbeing journey. My aim is to guide you along your path, experience nature’s rhythms, inspiring your knowledge and connections to the boat, the sea, the land and yourself: exploring balance and restoration and growth within the mix of sailing, walking, yoga and meditation practice and the adventures that we share along the way.

Price for 6 night Yogasail Explorer 2023

Bunk Type Availability Price
Double Bunk (Aft) (2 people sharing/single occupancy) Bunk available £2880/£1980
Double Bunk (Forward) Bunk available £2880/£1980
Single Bunk (Aft) Bunk available £1800
Single Bunk (Lower) Bunk available £1620

Discounts available for groups booking the entire boat. For more details and to book your place please email Selkie Explorers at or please get in touch with Selkie Explorers using the methods listed on our Contact page.

Yogasail Explorer Dates 2023

Voyage Name Start Date End Date
Spring No availability No availability
Solstice Bespoke booking Bespoke booking


For more details and to book your place please email Celia at or please get in touch with Selkie Explorers using the methods listed on our Contact page.

Sailing and Wild Yoga 5 night Dates 2023

Voyage name Start Date End Date
23-YS2 5 August 10 August
23-YS3 18 September 22 September
23-YS4 2 October 6 October

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