Wintersail: Moonlight, Stars and Northern Lights
It’s not often that folk will put “winter”, “sailing” and “Scotland” in the same breath… but you should! Yes, it’s cold, can be really windy and wet but just as in summer, there are all four seasons in one day… more dramatic and darker. For me, it’s the very best time. There are still birds, whales, seals and otters. Infact it is easier to see otters as they tend to be out and about at dawn which is at a much more accessible hour!
But most of all the islands and skyline of the Small Isles, Skye, Outer Hebrides and Knoydart are at their most spectacular during winter:

  • Snow-capped mountains, crisp land and seascapes thrown into sharp relief by the angled rays of the winter sun
  • The most incredible places to marvel at the night sky – stars stretching horizon to horizon
  • The possibility to sail towards shimmering northern lights or tack across a moonlit sea

We adore this time of year, though never too sure what the weather will be. During our winter voyages, we experience so much variety. We make use of all the light and dark and you will come away with a treasure trove of memories and spectacular sailing experience.

These adventures start in Mallaig and end with a final night moored up at the Isle of Eigg to enjoy some of its famous island hospitality. We sail, walk, explore, build camp fires, even a swim in the winter waters for the brave. Some climb, run, kayak, sing, dance and practice yoga. When there is a bright moon I suggest moonlit walks. For experienced walkers you can cross from Barrisdale, Loch Hourn to Inverie at Loch Nevis or stay on Selkie to sail under the moon. In the evenings we enjoy being in a sheltered anchorage warmed by the Refleks stove and central heating system, tucking into locally sourced food and drink and listening to music and tales from the west coast.

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