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The Outer Isles have many wonderful and remote islands of which St Kilda is one: a dramatic archipelago of jagged islands and soaring stacks that rear out of the Atlantic 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. It is a UNESCO world heritage site both for its natural and cultural qualities. Join Selkie’s Outer Isles Explorer voyages for a unique sail around the world’s largest gannet colony, its oldest fulmar colony and home for an extraordinary number of other seabirds: puffins, guillimots, razorbills, Manx shearwaters and skuas. Seals haul out on the rocks and sing in the caves, and occasionally we’ve seen minke feeding in the nutrient rich waters around this island group.

If conditions allow, we anchor for the night at Village Bay and go ashore to explore the historic culture of St Kilda. Nearly 90 years since the last St Kildans were evacuated, you can visit the main island of Hirta, walk up the High Street and further up the hill. Cleits (stone storage structures) litter the hillsides around the bay and soay sheep wander freely. Gain a glimpse into what life was like for the people who not only survived in this beautiful but harsh environment but also developed a unique governance and cooperation that endured for thousands of years. These days, Hirta provides a temporary home for staff and volunteers from the National Trust for Scotland, Ministry of Defence personnel and scientists. A ranger welcomes you ashore and will give you advice during your time on land.

Other islands we may visit are the Monach Isles or Mingulay and Berneray, the southern most isles of the Outer Hebrides.  The wildlife and history of these places are rich and evocative, desperate and awe-inspiring.  Our voyages here are demanding but rewarding with long hours at sea and strenuous landing and walking in these remote places.  I recommend these voyages for folk with some sailing experience, or those who are active outdoor people confident in their fitness and abilities in challenging conditions.  However, that’s not to say that the sun won’t shine or the sea won’t be gentle!

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This trip is quite unique and an absolutely amazing experience. Leaving from Mallaig, our scheduled voyages focus on getting out to St Kilda if sea and weather conditions are favourable.  Scotland in all seasons is very changeable and each itinerary depends on the waves and wind we encounter. In 2022 Selkie is offering a 10 day voyage.  This is a fantastic way to explore many wonderful and beautiful islands on the way there and back. On previous trips we have visited Mingulay, the Monach Isles, Taransay, Loch Scavaig and the Small Isles. The wildlife we see is incredible, as are the vistas. Each trip is a special time spent together and sharing the experience.

There is also an opportunity for a 7 day private charter to the Outer Hebrides and conditions allowing, to St Kilda.


Outer Hebrides and St Kilda Explorer Trip dates for 2022


Voyage Start Date End Date Availability Price Per Person *
22-OH 19/06/2022 02/07/2020 This trip is fully booked N/A


Voyage Start Date End Date Availability Price For Boat
22-PC 17/07/2022 23/07/2022 Available £6,500

* Prices vary depending on bunk.  For more information or further clarification, please get in touch with Selkie Explorers using the methods listed on our Contact page.

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