Shetland Geosail

Selkie is offering a Shetland Geosail in 2023. For those in the know, these voyages take us to the places that normal geology trips don’t reach! To benefit geographically from Selkie’s Winter Voyage to Norway, on our return to Shetland in April Angus Miller of Geowalks and Selkie will be teaming up again for a unique perspective of the Shetland Isles.
There are many wonderful and eye-opening anchorages and coastlines to contemplate the megaannums it has taken to create them. We immerse outselves in this time travelling journey, get in close to the coast to view the geology of inaccessible places and marvel at the wonderful wildlife and culture of these northern Isles of Scotland.

We can’t plan the detailed itinerary in advance, but there is a myriad of possibilities with a range of geology ahead of us. (A realm of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks recording Shetland’s long and messy geological history.) We will meet in Lerwick on Monday 3rd April and will either head north towards Unst or south around the southern tip of Shetland mainland. The outlying islands of Fair Isle, Foula, Out Skerries, Papa Stour are all within our reach should the conditions permit and if we end up on the west side of Shetland, at Scalloway, it is just a short bus ride back to Lerwick. Our Geosail ends on Sunday 9th April in the morning giving you plenty of time before the ferry from Lerwick that afternoon.

There is the option for anyone wanting to continue the voyage south to the Isle of Eigg the following week.

Our food on Selkie is an important part of our voyage and we try to use local produce as much as possible.  It will be exciting to see what Shetland’s food producers have to offer.  I will be researching this when I pass through Shetland enroute for Norway in January.

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Selkie Shetland Geosail Trip 2023

Voyage 23-GS: April 3 to April 9, 2023 

Bunk Type Availability Price
Double Bunk (Aft) (2 people sharing/single occupancy) Bunk available £2880/£1980
Double Bunk (Forward) Booked £2880/£1980
Single Bunk (Focsle) Bunk available £1800
Single Bunk (Aft) Booked £1800
Single Bunk (Lower) Booked £1620

† Ferry and air connections from Mainland UK to Shetland

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