Homeward bound Shetland to Eigg

by west coast

or east coast

Homeward bound

This is going to be an emotional voyage, heading home after our winter adventure on Selkie.  Spring will be emerging around us and we will decide which way we will go home depending on the weather, either westabout by Cape Wrath or East about and traversing the Caledonian Canal. Each has so much to recommend it and I will be so happy to be doing either as I love all the coast of Scotland, the geography, history and culture.  It will be especially exciting as Dylan and I will be going home for the first time since the new year and after such a momentous time away.  All wrapped up in the easter spring colours and promise of the summer to come.

Shetland to Eigg 2023

Voyage 23-HB: April 9 to April 19, 2023 

Bunk Type Availability Price
Double Bunk (Aft) (2 people sharing/single occupancy) Bunk available £3500/£2500
Double Bunk (Forward) Bunk available £3500/£2500
Single Bunk (Aft) Bunk available £2100
Single Bunk (Lower) Bunk available £1900
Single Bunk (Upper) Bunk available £1500

† Ferry and air connections from Mainland UK to Shetland

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